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Lidia Savoderova (aka Lidia Savo, Kamilla J / Russia
Slavic Pantheon
Survey no 2 results - Lidia 1 / 5

Lidia Savoderova (aka Lidia Savo, Kamilla J / Russia

Slavic Pantheon

Survey no 2 results - Lidia 1 / 5

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After several weeks of voting, during which over 50 of you decided to cast a vote, and after few weeks of waiting for the results - here they are : 

Results of the second milestone survey  

  1. Dagmara Bajura / Poland - 22 votes (38.6%)
  2. Dasha Astafieva / Ukraine - 13 votes (22.8%)
  3. Olga Alberti / Russia - 7 votes (12.2%)
  4. Lidia Savoderova / Russia - 5 votes (8.7%)

As you may remember, last time I decided I will post one photo per vote casted. As a thank you for you for being active in shaping the content of this blog, I will honour each participant in the exact same way in this case too! 

Therefore you can expect 22 images of Dagmara, 13 of Dasha, 7 of Olga and 5 of Lidia in the subsequent posts! 

On top of that I’d like to thank a person who, in the poll, submitted a request for Valentina Shapostnik / Russia - the reward will be 3 posts dedicated to that beauty. 

I cannot forget that 9 of you asked me to just continue as I would without this survey - therefore I prepared a set of photos of women outside of the named few. They’re also from countries that, I am afraid, might have been slightly neglected by me lately …. 

As this is already a too lengthy entry, let’s go straight into the photos ;-)

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Evelin Aubert / Hungary

Guest appearance

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